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A Picture from Life's Other Side

“A Picture from Life's Other Side” by Scott Rodd features essays and photographs based on dozens of interviews with some of the country’s poorest people whose “experiences are pressing and illuminating, yet often go untold”

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Awesome Journalism, which awards monthly $1,000 micro-grants to journalism projects from around the world, recognized Scott Rodd, originally from West Hartford, CT and now living in Santa Barbara, CA, as its first grantee to complete his multimedia project, “A Picture from Life's Other Side.”

Rodd’s multi-media project explores people living in the impoverished, forgotten corners of the United States. He interviewed residents and community leaders during his travels, and from their personal experiences he crafted a series of essays that explore the nature of poverty in each town and America as a whole.

“When I first launched this project, I was a recent college graduate with a car, a camera, a notepad, and the goal of capturing what life is like in five of the poorest towns in America,” Rodd said. “I chose to collect the stories of those living in abject poverty because their experiences are pressing and illuminating, yet often go untold.”

Rodd, who works full time as a bartender, said he will use the unrestricted grant funds to help defray some of the costs of his reporting and to reduce his work hours to dedicate more time to writing and reporting.

“With this generous grant.. I’m now confident that I’ll be able to complete my reporting in the next month or two,” Rodd said. “I’ve gained the support of some great people and organizations for the project, but this is the first time I’ve heard it described as awesome—and I can’t think of a better compliment.”

Funded by Fourth Estate (September 2017)