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The Guerilla Newsroom Project

We are partnering with REDACTED to build a stealth "guerilla newsroom" platform for and with community members in Cuba and Venezuela.

The goal is to democratize local news coverage and create a newsroom model for production, distribution in totalitarian regimes that can be replicated by news publishers.

We will train "local sources" and community members to use the tools that we are developing to source and create digital multimedia news stories.

After community members are trained, they will become trusted community sources in our guerilla newsrooms,

For story distribution, we will experiment with push notifications and text messaging, local print and the 'sneakernet". We also will look to partner with other media outlets to publish and distribute stories.

We will run a variety of monetization experiments to help find a new business model to support local journalism. Here are some experiments we plan to run.

We will document our failures and successes and share it with the Fourth Estate Organization, so others can benefit from what we learn.

Funded by Fourth Estate (November 2018)