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The Shaking Inside: Post-Earthquake Nepal

The Shaking Inside: Post-Earthquake Nepal” by M. Sophia Newman will report about urban and rural families who have suffered post-earthquake distress.

After devastation that unsettled a cherished culture, questions of just care and tradition are vital. The earthquake that shook Nepal this April induced fear, helplessness, and grief in survivors. Up to 75% experienced symptoms of post-traumatic stress. For some, mental health disorders will linger. The same is true in every disaster or atrocity – but this disaster represents a turning point in psychological care for people so harmed.

This September, the United Nations will unveil the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), updating global development targets for 2030 and likely directing attention to mental health and resilience to future disasters. Nepal’s earthquake response, in other words, is a baseline and nobody is better-positioned than Nepalis to explain what people in disasters need, how Western psychology squares with non-Western culture, and how basic justice intersects post-disaster psychological suffering.

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